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About us

An established player in the global used clothing, vintage, wiper and rag industry. Providing quality products at competitive prices, serving clientele in Africa, Asia, Central & Latin America, and Europe.

In our Greater Vancouver facility all raw material is processed for quality control before being graded, packed and shipped to many regions across the globe, specifically ( but not limited to) Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Democratic Republic of Congo, Guinea, Sierra Leone, Monrovia, Philippines, Thailand, Cambodia, Nicaragua, El Salvador and Serbia.

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Our vision

To give old clothes and fabrics a second life in a socially responsible way, reducing overall pollution of the Earth, and reducing the impact fast fashion industries leave with their tremendous consumption of energy and water.

We are committed to textile recycling which aids in the reduction of solid waste cluttering landfill and directs plastic microfibers away from the World’s Oceans.

Our facility

  • We are a grassroots organization based in Greater Vancouver providing meaningful employment to 65 local people.
  • We are open to collaborative projects in circular fashion.
  • We give back to our community, partnering with local organizations, sponsoring their efforts in textile recycling.


Export Containers a year


Family owned and operated.

1,000,000’s lbs +

Committed to reducing the harmful impact of single use textiles on our planet.

Clothing Recycling

The process starts from the collection of unwanted clothing from prior users. Once we receive the used pieces of clothing we sort them by what’s wearable and what isn’t – typically damaged, soiled and synthetic fabrics make for unwearable clothing. Wearable clothing is then sorted by category which is determined by size, age, gender, and fabric.
As a result Recycled Clothing can them be slotted into one of the following categories:

  • Small bales of Recycled Clothing (Often termed Friperie, Mitumba, Ropa Usada)
  • Industrial Wipers
  • Big Bales of Recycled Items for Processing (Destined for repurposing in South Asia)
  • Vintage Clothing (Cherished historic fashion pieces to the Discernable eye)

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Renewable solutions

Pacific Graders is committed to renewable solutions and circular fashion which helps to divert masses of material away from our landfills and oceans.

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Blog post

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