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Vintage, an ethical alternative to fast fashion – here’s my top 5 reasons why…

1.    Wearing Vintage contributes to the fight against climate change. You can feel good about reducing your participation in environmental pollution when buying Vintage.

2.   Wearing Vintage prevents unnecessary material wastage. On average one person discards 60 lbs of textiles each year, by buying pre-loved you contribute to the sustainable fashion movement.

3.   Buying Vintage will save you $$, quality Vintage will cost you less than buying new in most circumstances.

4.   Buying Vintage means you are buying quality built to last. When these items were made, fast fashion practices hadn’t emerged yet. Which means, you’re getting more bang for your buck.

5.   Last, but not least, wearing Vintage means you’ll always be uniquely in style and look one of a kind!

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